Newfoundland Residential Schools Settlement

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This website contains information regarding class action lawsuits that are pending in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, Anderson v. Attorney General of Canada (IGA school in Cartwright), No. 2007 01T4955CP; Obed v. Attorney General of Canada (IGA school in North West River), No. 2007 01T5423CP; Lucy v. Attorney General of Canada (Moravian school in Makkovik), No. 2008 01T0846CP; Asivak v. Attorney General of Canada (Moravian School in Nain), No. 2008 01T0845CP; and Holwell v. Attorney General of Canada (IGA school in St. Anthony), No. 2008 01T0844CP.


Former students sued the Federal Government of Canada ("Canada") about the management and operation of the schools in Cartwright, North West River, Makkovik, Nain and St. Anthony run by the International Grenfell Association ("IGA") or the Moravian Church and the harms and abuses committed against the children who attended them.


The Court has now approved a $50 million settlement ("Settlement") between the representative former students and Canada that provides compensation for former students who attended.You must submit a claim to get paid. The deadline to submit a claim is May 1, 2017 (“Claims Deadline”).


The Court has not decided whether Canada did anything wrong.


For more information about the lawsuit, please review the Notice.




Unless they have previously removed themselves from the lawsuit, the Settlement is available for anyone who was alive as of November 23, 2006 and who attended the IGA or Moravian schools in the following locations between the dates listed:


If you do not live in Newfoundland and Labrador but attended the schools above, you must advise the Claims Administrator that you want to participate in the Settlement (“opt in”). You must submit an ‘opt-in’ form by May 1, 2017 to be eligible for compensation in this Settlement. You can find an “opt-in” form by clicking here.


  1. Cartwright - April 1, 1949 to June 30, 1964
  2. Northwest River - April 1, 1949 to June 30, 1980
  3. Nain - April 1, 1949 to June 30, 1973
  4. Makkovik - April 1, 1949 to June 30, 1960
  5. St. Anthony - April 1, 1949 to June 30, 1979